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For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be creative and make things look pretty. I was forever changing my bedroom around as a little girl. To this day I love moving my furniture and accessories in order to change the look and feel of my house.
I have obtained the following degrees at RAU – BA (Com) BA Hons (Soc) MA (Soc). But it was during my studies at the Calder school of Interior Design in Saxonworld, that I found my true calling.

I have started Red Poppies Interiors at the beginning of 1999 and never looked back since. I am passionate about creating beautiful living spaces. When I look at nature, I am inspired by all the beautifull colours and textures, and how effortlessly they blend and work together. Just look at a handful of shells and you will know what I mean.

I strongly believe that your interior should reflect your personality, lifestyle and that of your family.
In 2004 I married my husband Morne Janse van Rensburg. We were blessed with a son, Luka, in September 2011
Luka has inspired me to look for new and exciting items to use in children’s interiors and subsequently Red Poppies Interiors has expanded into Red Poppies Kids. So now, I am not only focused on residential interiors and small corporate offices, but also in children’s interiors and toddlers furniture.

When I could not find beautiful toddler chairs and tables to place in my own home, I decided to start my own little range of adorable furniture that you can proudly place anywhere in your home.

I am looking forward in meeting you and helping you create your dream living space.

Light and blessings.

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Cell number 083 256 2233
PO Box 1120, Cresta, 2118

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